Sunday, 15 July 2018

The weekend


💞 Be nice 💞

Sometimes I think back to the day of my aunt's funeral in 2016. It was a gloomy day for my brother and I. I remember tears streaking down my face as the priest delivered an eulogy in the church. The next thing I remember was the part when the coffin was lowered into the grave. That was my last memory of my aunt.

What normally happens after a funeral? I guess it's different for different people.

After the whole funeral ended, I wanted to go home but we had to have dinner with the groups people who attended the funeral. "The people" are supposedly family but I don't know any of them (or even spoke to any of them that day) so I cannot consider them as family.

So we headed to a Chinese restaurant. I thought it was quite nice to have some food after a long day but I got annoyed about one thing. The people who went seemed so happy- they were laughing and taking pictures of each other. It was as if they'd forgotten that someone close to them has passed away. If you were walking past, you'd probably think they were celebrating someone's Birthday.

It just seemed so disrespectful to me and it still does.

Food diary

Breakfast: English tea + bread butt with butter

Nobody eats the butt part of the bread so I end up eating it. It's fine- I don't mind it 👌

Breakfast 2: English tea + crackerbread

Snack: chocolate cookies- crisp around the edges and soft and chewy in the centre like cookie dough

I baked some more cookies again as I had guests around on Saturday.

Lunch: sweet potato

Dinner: chicken feet and peanut soup- one of my favourites!

I woke up really early in the morning to make this soup.

Dinner: rice with wild salmon, courgettes and chicken wings

Food diary

Breakfast: English tea + SKI yogurt + cereal

Snack: a cookie with milk

Lunch: herbal soup

Dinner: chicken wings


Saturday, 14 July 2018



💞 Think twice 💞

Be careful not to be bitten by horseflies- their nasty (and painful) bites can cause deadly infections.

Food diary

Breakfast: English tea + buttered bread (the butt/ the heel- nobody enjoys eating that part of the bread so it normally ends up in the bin. )

I made chocolate chunk cookies! They were so delicously chocoletey 💗

Lunch: some walnuts + rice with prok + mineral water

Snack: English tea + buttered bread + pop-pan

Dinner: English tea + rice with fried eggs and green beans